The Originals - Season 3


The Mikaelson family moved back to the city that they helped build over 200 years ago. This city is different from New Orleans. Klaus returns to this city when he learns that the witch living there is planning something against him. When his two, Elia and Rebekka, are born with him, both Klaus and Elia meet the old friend Marcel Gerard, whom Klaus changed a few hundred years ago. His new idea ... will again take the position of "king of the city" and cause everyone to unite in his name

The Originals - Season 3 Solarmovie review

To all skeptics, think carefully about the storyline of [name]], which tells an original, fresh, complex story that gets better with every episode. After watching all the seasons of the series, I can not find another series of the genre Drama, similar to The Originals - Season 3, where there would be as many emotional scenes and characters that look very realistic. Skillfully combining Fantasy, Horror and Mystery, the TV series The Originals - Season 3 2015 has become easily comparable to an exotic cocktail, both invigorating and relaxing. When I started watching The Originals - Season 3's show, I didn't have high expectations from directing, given the simple concept, but Julie Plec was able to pleasantly surprise. I often read other people's recommendations for watching, so I discovered United States series, most of which, according to most, completely grab attention, forcing you to watch episode after episode, and the series The Originals - Season 3 is boldly included in this list ...... Show more

Directors: Julie Plec
Countries: United States
Release: 2015-10-08
IMDb Rating: 8.2
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