Land of the Giants - Season 2


A spaceship from Earth lands on an Earth-like planet on which everything, including human beings, is twelve times the size of Earth.

Land of the Giants - Season 2 Solarmovie review

To all skeptics, think carefully about the storyline of [name]], which tells an original, fresh, complex story that gets better with every episode. Seeing in detail that the series Land of the Giants - Season 2 belongs to the genre Sci-Fi, and in addition was filmed by the director Irwin Allen, I hastened to start watching and did not regret it for a second. I never thought that 1969, so full of negative events, would give me a generous gift - the Land of the Giants - Season 2 series, which became a discovery of the Sci-Fi genre for me personally. Irwin Allen invariably creates series that are particularly spectacular, well-thought-out cast and subtle humor, which is proven by Land of the Giants - Season 2's series. In the endless stream of modern serials, television stories from United States, including Land of the Giants - Season 2, which received rave reviews from me, stand out for their complex and thoughtful plots, delivered with great emotion.... Show more

Directors: Irwin Allen
Countries: United States
Release: 1969-09-21
IMDb Rating: 7.1
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