7 Lives Xposed - Season 1


7 Lives Exposed (also known as 7 Lives Xposed) is a TV series about American reality that is produced by Playboy TV. Devinn Lane is a pornographic actress in the series. The concept of the series is similar to that of the "Survivors" series, and Big Brother participants have to meet certain criteria or face "eviction". In this case, Lane alone decides which of the couples living together in Los Angeles stays or leaves in each episode. Since the main audience of the series is heterosexual men, the entire series includes both heterosexual and lesbian sex scenes. Gender is simulated; However, the scenes with male erection, oral sex and masturbation are clear as some contact is visible. Dramatic tensions arise from conflicts between participants, which are often associated with jealousy and competition.... Show more

7 Lives Xposed - Season 1 Solarmovie review

I watch 7 Lives Xposed - Season 1's TV show under any circumstances: when I'm sad, when I'm having fun, in my free time during the day, on a dreary evening and even at night when I can't sleep!. After watching all the seasons of the series, I can not find another series of the genre Drama, similar to 7 Lives Xposed - Season 1, where there would be as many emotional scenes and characters that look very realistic. I never thought that 2001, so full of negative events, would give me a generous gift - the 7 Lives Xposed - Season 1 series, which became a discovery of the Drama genre for me personally. Judging by the synopsis and the trailer, 7 Lives Xposed - Season 1's director was faced with a daunting task, and this director did an excellent job of implementing it, creating a quality TV show. Production of series in the genre Drama is a niche in which United States is very successful, which once again proves the series 7 Lives Xposed - Season 1, which viewers saw in 2001.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2001-10-21
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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