Dallas - Season 4


J.R. Ewing, an oil baron from Texas, uses manipulation and extortion to achieve his business and personal ambitions. He is often in conflict with his brother Bobby, his archenemy Cliff Barnes and his suffering wife Sue Ellen.

Dallas - Season 4 Solarmovie review

I started watching the series Dallas - Season 4 without much enthusiasm, but the show caught on from the first scenes, so much so that it did not let go until the very end, and it was very logical. The Dallas - Season 4 series, which belongs to the Drama category, produces a powerful cinematic effect, most likely characteristic of a feature film Romance, which, in my opinion, is a sign of good quality. In the interval from 1980 to 1980, hundreds of interesting series appeared in the Drama genre, but Dallas - Season 4 can boast not only bright characters, but also a powerful social connotation. In the series Dallas - Season 4 director this director showed all the facets of his talent, managed to develop his own style, which in many ways distinguishes him from his colleagues. Production of series in the genre Romance is a niche in which United States is very successful, which once again proves the series Dallas - Season 4, which viewers saw in 1980.... Show more

Countries: United States, Canada
Release: 1980-11-07
Duration: 60 min
IMDb Rating: 6.9
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