Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4


It is time for people to detach themselves from the clutches of the volcanoes, which a hundred years after the invention of the warp drive and the first contact with them (volcanoes) are still unable to move into space to close them explore. Fortunately, the incredible incident with Tsuliban in the first episode of the Enterprise series, led by Captain Jonathan Archer, makes his first trip at warp speed. Captain Archer then goes through a number of challenges when he decides to continue exploring after this first voyage. His battles with space warships and creatures better than humans, alternative universes, time travel without the luxury of a van make him an exemplary guide and win the loyalty of his commander Hoshi, his chief engineer Trip, his armaments officer Malcolm, his ensign Travis, his the alien doctor Phox and the woman Vulcan Sub Commander T''Pau, who were originally brought on board the Enterprise to guard the captain.... Show more

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4 Solarmovie review

Excellent production, reliable implementation of the environment, a graceful combination of drama and comedy, versatility of each situation - the creators of the series Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4 put in their maximum effort and made a masterpiece!. With the exception of a couple of episodes that clearly fall outside the boundaries of the declared genre Action, the show Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4 can be called a damn good way to have fun. The Adventure category is updated every year with new series, but 2004 surprised me not only by their quantity, but also by the quality, and Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4 is a real gem of this collection. Rick Berman always tries to create a specific structure for the narrative, and Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4's Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4 series, which was released in 2004, clearly confirms this. Recently I watched Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4 from the best masters of United States and was again stunned by the balanced mix of genres - Drama and Sci-Fi perfectly balanced in a visually appealing story.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2004-10-08
Duration: 42 min
IMDb Rating: 7.5
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