The Simpsons - Season 26


The Simpsons are a dysfunctional family living in Springfield. Homer, the man of the house, is a safety inspector at the nuclear power plant. Homer constantly spends most of his time at Moe's Tavern getting drunk. Marge is a hard-working housewife with three children. Bart is a clever ten-year-old who loves pranking others. Lisa is the genius of the Simpson family. She receives very excellent grades in school. She is the most trusted person in school and a "principal's pet". Maggie is the youngest. Maggie has only spoken one word. The Simpsons get themselves in some crazy adventures.... Show more

The Simpsons - Season 26 Solarmovie review

The feelings that I experienced while watching The Simpsons - Season 26's series were very different - I admired some of the characters, I hated some heroes, but - to watch it unambiguously!. With the exception of a couple of episodes that clearly fall outside the boundaries of the declared genre Animation, the show The Simpsons - Season 26 can be called a damn good way to have fun. 2014 in the film industry could not escape the pressure of the situation in the world, and the series The Simpsons - Season 26, in my opinion, reflects external factors as objectively as possible. The amazing way of presenting the main idea to the audience, the skillful management of the acting, the first-class shooting technique - all this is in the series The Simpsons - Season 26, for which I am very grateful to the work of Matt Groening. United States is famous for many things, phenomena, achievements, some of which can be seen in the series The Simpsons - Season 26, which well reveals the national culture.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2014-09-28
IMDb Rating: 8.7
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