Dance Academy - Season 1


Tara Webster grew up on a farm in Sydney, she has always wished to fly. But instead she dances. Tara makes two very close friends; Kat, a carefree outgoing dancer and Sammy, a geeky Jewish boy with a passion for ballet. A friend Christian, a broody hip hop dancer. She develops a crush on the schools heart throb Ethan (third year). Makes a friend / enemy with a girl called Abigail, a hard working perfectionist. All the while competing with her class mates for her final dream, making it into the company.

Dance Academy - Season 1 Solarmovie review

I watch Dance Academy - Season 1's TV show under any circumstances: when I'm sad, when I'm having fun, in my free time during the day, on a dreary evening and even at night when I can't sleep!. After watching all the seasons of the series, I can not find another series of the genre Drama, similar to Dance Academy - Season 1, where there would be as many emotional scenes and characters that look very realistic. 2010 in the film industry could not escape the pressure of the situation in the world, and the series Dance Academy - Season 1, in my opinion, reflects external factors as objectively as possible. In the series Dance Academy - Season 1 director Samantha Strauss showed all the facets of his talent, managed to develop his own style, which in many ways distinguishes him from his colleagues. Production of series in the genre Family is a niche in which United States is very successful, which once again proves the series Dance Academy - Season 1, which viewers saw in 2010.... Show more

Release: 2010-05-31
IMDb Rating: 8.1
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