Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 4


The lawsuits against the British noble family Bellama and their employees at home.

Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 4 Solarmovie review

I started watching on the advice of my friends, not cherishing much hope, but Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 4 really stunned and I swallowed all the seasons within a week. I don't know if Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 4's series will receive positive reviews from professional film critics, but as a true fan of the Drama genre, I was extremely pleased after watching. The Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 4 series cannot boast of star participation or a large budget, but it is rightfully considered one of the most unusual projects 1976 thanks to the total dedication of everyone who made the effort to create it. When I started watching Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 4's show, I didn't have high expectations from directing, given the simple concept, but this director was able to pleasantly surprise. I often read other people's recommendations for watching, so I discovered United Kingdom series, most of which, according to most, completely grab attention, forcing you to watch episode after episode, and the series Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 4 is boldly included in this list ...... Show more

Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 1976-01-04
Duration: 50 min
IMDb Rating: 8.3
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